Providing free, quality meals for Ohio County students during COVID-19. | Providing free, restaurant-quality meals for Ohio County students during COVID-19. | Providing free, restaurant-quality meals for Ohio County students during COVID-19.


Pickups are Monday through Thursday, 4:30-6PM, at Madison Elementary, Wheeling Middle, and Bridge Street Middle

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Donate to Feed Children

For every $1.36 you contribute, we’re able to feed a child a healthy, nutritious dinner made at a locally-owned restaurant. If you contribute $100, that’s 74 kids with home-cooked quality dinners.

  • R2S makes and distributes 2,000 meals per week to Ohio Valley students
  • 100% of donated funds buy a meal directly from a restaurant, with the meal going straight to a child and the money going straight to the business.
  • Whenever possible, the restaurants are buying ingredients from local farmers. That means your money not only helps local restaurants; it also helps family farms.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Restaurant-to-Schools?

    • R2S is a collaborative effort among schools, local businesses, and nonprofits working to provide nutritious, scratch-cooked meals to our kids as our region struggles with COVID-19 economic challenges.

    Who can get these meals?

    • All kids are welcome! We encourage our students to pick up at the school closest to their homes.
    • Parents/guardians are welcome to pick up for their youngsters.
    • Kids can come every day, and you can receive 1 meal per child!
    • Just roll up (or walk up), tell us how many kids you're feeding, and we'll hand you the meals!
    • When you pick up a meal, a restaurant gets paid for providing it. As such, you're performing a community service when you eat these delicious meals

    When and where are the distributions?

    • Monday through Thursday, 4:30-6PM
    • Current locations: Wheeling Middle School, Madison Elementary, and Bridge Street Middle School

    What's for dinner?

    • Different meals every day. Each restaurant is serving up their specialty. So far, meals have included 3-Bean Chili, Mediterranean Chicken Pitas, Tomato Soup, Spaghetti and Meatballs, and more!
    • Meals are always served with proper quantities of protein, grains, fruits, vegetables, and a pint of milk.
    • All meals are served cold in to-go containers, with instructions for easy re-heating (except the famous chicken salad, which is eaten cold!)

    What are we seeking to accomplish?

    • Deliver nutrient-dense fresh food to children, during this time when COVID-19 has interrupted our usual food systems.
    • Improve business outcomes for local restaurants struggling with COVID-19 shutdowns.
    • Help farmers weather COVID-19 business interruption.

    What schools are participating, and how were they chosen?

    • Wheeling Middle School, Madison Elementary, and Bridge Street Middle School.
    • These schools were chosen based on their previous participation in the CACFP program.
    • All students from all schools are welcome to pick up meals at any of the schools listed above, and are encouraged to choose the site closest to home.

    Who is making it possible? Who are the partners?

    • Grow Ohio Valley is taking the lead on all meal distributions, fundraising, and partner coordination.
    • Ohio County Schools is making this possible through the school-based “At Risk Supper” program, and is providing project leadership and creativity in an effort to deliver nutrition to as many kids as possible, while supporting hometown businesses.
    • WVNCC is providing expert oversight to ensure the program produces great tasting, safe and nutritious foods.

    What restaurants are participating, and how were they chosen?

    • To date, Sarah’s on Main, Later Alligator, the Vagabond Kitchen, Avenue Eats and the Public Market have prepared meals. These establishments were chosen based on pre-existing relationships with WVNCC and GrowOV, and geographic proximity to participating schools.
    • That said, we look forward to extending the opportunity to more restaurants as the project picks up momentum. Interested restaurants should email: [email protected]

    How is this being paid for?

    • The USDA’s Child and Adult Care Feeding Program is paying ~75% of the program cost, as part of the school-meal reimbursement model. Grow Ohio Valley is raising funds to cover the additional ~25%.

    Can this be replicated in other communities?

    • We hope so! The CACFP is fairly widespread throughout West Virginia, which is one of the key elements to financial feasibility. Grow Ohio Valley is working to create reports that can serve as guideposts for other communities interested to replicate this initiative.

    Where do I go for more information/questions?